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"Miss Jenna and the Bueno Lingo Spanish program have been a wonderful addition to our enrichment program.   Jenna’s love for the Spanish language and ability to work with children ages 3-5 is a joy to watch. The thoughtful activities have made learning a new language fun and engaging for our students "-LILA AFOA-PRINCAPAL FOR PARK CENTER MONTESSORI 

"Bueno Lingo offers a Spanish language program that is exciting and engaging for children. Our students truly enjoyed the projects, activities, songs, and rhymes. They left each class excitedly discussing the lessons they had shared, and their newfound vocabulary. Ms. Jenna is very respectful of the learning environment, and has put together a wonderful program. We highly recommend it!"

-Meghan Miller, Administrator, Lakewood Montessori

 "All three of my children showed great excitement and enthusiasm for Spanish while working with Miss Jenna. Because of her high energy and enthusiastic teaching, they are excited to learn and practice their Spanish. My children derive great enjoyment from using Spanish in front of their parents who do not know Spanish, and trying to teach us and show us what they know. The children come from Spanish excited and energized from the awesome classes taught with such energy and excitement for them to learn! One loves the craft and its application to Spanish, one loves the movement associated with the learning, and my eldest loves the challenges given to her and especially the ability to just converse in a different language with a teacher who treats her like a friend. The level of passion and energy exhibited while teaching is incredible and makes the whole program work. Previous Spanish instruction was nowhere near as interesting for the children, and didn't result in much desire to learn, while now they are excited to learn and use what they learn! I would love to be the child benefitting from learning a language in such an enthusiastic and positive environment. I'm excited to see how far they can go with their love of Spanish with help from miss Jenna and Bueno lingo"-  Martina Loramore bueno lingo parent

"Bueno Lingo's Enrichment Program really sparked Bella's interest in Spanish.  Miss Jenna made it fun and Bella was able to use some of her new language when we traveled to Mexico over the winter. . Bella gained the confidence to speak out in Spanish, answer questions and participate in conversations.  She has been able to maintain this confidence in her school classroom and when we travel to Spanish speaking countries. . Bella really loved the Spanish songs and singing.  She also loved the games that were incorporated with the Spanish songs.  I loved that the music would stick with her and she would come home singing these educational songs.  It was especially awesome that Miss Jenna sent home a CD of Spanish songs so Bella could continue to practice and share her knew language with the family-Kellie White, Bueno Lingo parent

"Rose, uses Spanish at home, especially manners while eating meals.  She has taught me the days of the week and months of the year.  She has enjoyed teaching me what she learns in class each day. The songs especially stick with her and have helped her retain new words. Roses favorit thing about Spanish was the songs and Ms. Jenna's enthusiasm. The songs and crafts helped my daughter retain the new vocabulary "-Rachel Murphy Bueno Lingo Parent

"Vesper wants to be our leader/guied in Spanish speaking countries. She loves the songs and activities. I love how enthusiasic the teachers are at Bueno Lingo. It inspires me to want to relearn Spanish myself"- Cheryl Gmirkin Bueno Lingo Parent 

"the material is entertaiing, never boring or repetitive and the children engage. They all participate in the lesson and have something to show for thier efforts at the end of the day. They, therefore, get to TEACH me what they learn and truly learn it themesleves"-Doniel Hayes Bueno Lingo Parent

"I know Kallyn is being taught with the latest material and high standards that I would expect, but most importantly she is being taught from the heart! We LOVE Ms. Jenna"- Jaima Van Alsburg Bueno Lingo Parent

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